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After centuries of cultural theft, why more nations are returning looted artifacts

In June 2013, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York returned to Cambodia two 10th-century sandstone statues, originally looted in the 1970s by the Khmer Rouge. In July 2017, craft company Hobby Lobby returned to Iraq 5,500 artifacts, including ancient cuneiform clay tablets, illegally smuggled out of the country in 2009 and camouflaged as tiles. In October 2017, France returned to Egypt eight 3,000-year-old statuettes illegally smuggled out of the country and seized by French authorities at a Paris train station. After centuries of cultural theft, the pendulum may…

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‘It’s a bit of a nightmare’: Immigration crackdown squeezes US horse racing

Last year when the new administration first moved into the White House, those industries that rely heavily on a migrant workforce braced themselves for the long-heralded immigration crackdown – none more so than those involved in horse racing, in which some were “terrified” at the thought of the anticipated purge. One year on, the administration has lived up to that particular campaign promise. The combined effects of ICE raids, an inadequate visa system and a lack of US citizens willing to put in the long, hard hours that racetrack life…

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