FCC calls out startup for launching tiny rogue satellites – CNET

The Swarm Technologies’ satellites were reportedly launched on a rocket operated by the Indian space agency ISRO on Jan. 12. ISRO US regulators have accused a small Silicon Valley startup of launching satellites without permission. In December, the Federal Communications Commission denied Swarm Technologies, a stealthy startup headed by a former Google employee, permission to launch four of its tiny satellites. But the company apparently launched them anyway, according to a report from tech news site IEEE Spectrum. If confirmed, it would be the first time a company has done…

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Industry worried about regulatory backlash after unauthorized cubesat launch

WASHINGTON — The launch of several cubesats by an American company without authorization from a federal agency has the rest of the industry worried of a potential regulatory and public relations backlash. IEEE Spectrum first reported March 10 that Swarm Technologies, a Silicon Valley-based startup operating in stealth mode, flew four picosatellites as secondary payloads on an Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle in January. The SpaceBee satellites were identified in materials by the Indian space agency at the time as “two-way satellite communications and data relay” satellites, but did not…

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