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Dumplings: Top 10 facts about the dish Mary Berry wants to bring back

1. By coincidence, yesterday was the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, which is the traditional day for eating wonton, as the Chinese call dumplings.

2. The word “wonton” means “swallowing cloud”.

3. Dumplings signify prosperity and the reunion of the family.

4. According to legend, dumplings were created by third century Chinese physician Zhang Zhongjing who made ear-shaped dumplings to treat villagers with frostbitten ears.

5. The English word “dumpling” was first seen in 1600 and possibly came from an old German word “dump” meaning damp and heavy.

6. Around 1633, dumplings led to the verb “to dumple”, meaning “bend into a dumpy shape”.

7. The world record for dumpling-eating is 91 Chinese dumplings in eight minutes.

8. That record is held by New Yorker Cookie Jarvis who also holds records for eating chicken wings, French fries, grapes and ice cream.

9. Dumplings were originally a means of making the meat go further when feeding peasant families.

10. “Luck is like having a rice dumpling fly into your mouth.” (Japanese proverb).

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