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WATCH: German expert admits country will SUFFER Brexit losses for sake of EU project

Nina Schick, a German political expert, admitted that Germany will “lose economically” from a bad Brexit deal.

However, the commentator insisted that Germany will not risk unravelling the EU’s single market. 

A Sky News anchor probed Ms Schick on what Germany has to lose from a hard Brexit

She said: “Of course, Germany has a lot to lose, it’s one of the our biggest trading partners.

“But what would happen if Britain achieved its cherry-picking deal? That would mean the Single Market would unravel.

“It’s simply not in Germany’s interest to give a deal that undermine the single market.

“Any hope that Merkel will cave in and give May a special deal is deluded. 

“I’ve worked with German politicians, I’ve been in the chancellory. It’s simply not true.”

Ms Shick went onto blast Britain for an “over-reliance on Germany” and failing to understand how important the European project is to Germany. 

Theresa May is due to hold talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel as she seeks to make progress on negotiating Brexit.

Mrs May’s trip to Berlin comes as the UK and the EU attempt to agree details of the transition period following Brexit.

Germany has called on Britain to provide “more concrete” proposals in the talks.

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