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Tourists discover 20 skeletons dating back 3,000 years during stroll on beach

The mysterious discovery occurred on Colombo Beach in Chubut Province in southern Argentina when Adrian Garcia and his brother Ricardo were riding a quad bike along a restricted area of the coast.

The pair found the human remains scattered in the sand and some were placed inside bags. The baffled tourists took photos and informed the authorities.

Hours later, the Chubut police chief explained on social media that the skeletons dated back to before the birth of Christ and were being studied by anthropologists from the National Centre of Patagonia (CENPAT).

A spokesman confirmed: “The human remains were located in the dunes near Colombo Beach. They are pre-Hispanic and around 3,000 years old. They came to the surface and were scattered by strong winds over the last few days.”

Archaeologists working on the site, part of a protected area with restricted access, left the bags behind.

Despite being closed to the public, the two brothers entered and found the archaeological findings in disrepair.

Local media reported: “Wind scattered the bones and we will investigate the alleged lack of care for the historical artefacts.”

Researchers from the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (Conicet) reported the incident to the Directorate of Protected Areas and Native Peoples and more information will be provided on the site and cause for its abandonment.

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