Village of the Year: House prices £66,000 below UK average – would YOU live here?

Broughshane in Northern Ireland has been crowned Village of the Year 2018 by Channel 4.

The average house prices come in at just £160,000 – £66,000 below the UK average of £225,956.

The village, located in County Antim, Northern Ireland, has a population of 2,851 people.

Its motto is ‘People, Plants and Pride growing together’, and is known for its wildlife. 

It also has a local pub, called The Thatch Inn, which is a grade B+ listed building, and a local Masonic Lodge.

The village beat 75 other villages in order to snare the accolade.

Locals intend to spend the £10,000 prize money boosting the local tourism industry.

So why did Broughshane win Village of the Year?

Lexie Scott, chairman of Broughshane’s community association, said it was down to the “appearance” of the village as well as the “commitment to village life” held by those who lived there. 

“The appearance of the village played a significant role, nonetheless a big element of this programme was the commitment of the people in this village to village life.”

“It’s the people who put the ‘extra’ in Broughshane to make the ordinary things extraordinary.”

He added the award was: “a very fitting tribute to the effort so many volunteers put into the life of the village.”

Other villages on the list include Beer in Devon, a seaside town with chalk cliffs and a shingle beach.

There’s also Hampstead Norreys in Berkshire, a village and civil parish with a Norman parish church.

Bamburgh in Northumberland, home to Bamburgh Castle, made the shortlist as well.

Last month, it was revealed a remote British island is looking for new residents.

Stronsay island in Scotland has a population of 349, and is a 95 minute ferry away from the nearest mainland island, Kirkwall.

But you could imagine living there? It has a tiny population and is hard to get to from mainland UK.

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