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Menorca: Top ten facts about the hidden gem of the Balearic Islands

1. The date marks the invasion of Menorca by King Alfonso III of Aragon on January 17, 1287.

2. Menorca is the second biggest of the Balearic islands by size, behind Mallorca, and the third biggest by population (behind Mallorca and Ibiza).

3. Menorca has 121 miles of beaches which is more than Mallorca and Ibiza combined.

4. Menorca has a wealth of megalithic remains including the Naveta d’Es Tudons funeral building which dates back to 1200 BC. 

5. Britain ruled Menorca for most of the 18th century. One relic of British influence is Menorca’s festive drink of gin and lemonade (pomada).

6. Menorca is the most easterly part of Spain, so it is the first place in Spain to see the sun rise.

7. From the top of Mount Toro, Menorca’s highest point, you can see the sea all around the island. 

8. Mayonnaise is thought to have originated in Menorca. It is said to be named after the island’s capital, Mahón.

9. Menorca is an anagram of both romance and Cameron.

10. No two places in Menorca are more than 30 miles apart.

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