Police fear Virgil van Dijk ‘BOMB THREAT’ at Liverpool vs Man City – EXCLUSIVE

Workers arrived to erect a huge replica figure of Van Dijk at 4.30am this morning ahead of Liverpool‘s clash with Manchester City as part of a Paddy Power stunt.

It was all supposed to be a good-natured gesture to suggest Van Dijk, who cost £75million, really was worth his weight in gold following his debut goal against Everton.

Anti-terror police first arrived scene shortly before 9am today as the Paddy Power plan backfired.

They demanded to see safety paperwork and, when that was produced, they still feared there could be a bomb in the statue.

Four police cars then arrived and ordered the statue to be taken down immediately and insisted it was due to fears of a ‘bomb threat’.

A source said: “The only thing it threatens is Liverpool fans’ sense of humour.

“The one danger was after seeing his statue, Van Dijk might defend like a statue. It was a harmless stunt and it actually looked quite impressive.

“The whole thing must have cost a bomb!”

Liverpool’s deal for Van Dijk made him the most expensive defender in the history of the game.

It is just the latest mega-money football transfer following Neymar’s £198million switch to PSG last summer, when even the likes of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain commanded a £40million price-tag.

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