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Twelfth Night: Top 10 facts about the 12th Day of Christmas

1. The idea of Twelfth Night dates back to the Council of Tours in 567 where it was decided that the period from Christmas to Epiphany should be celebrated as Christmastide…

2. …but views are different as to whether the first day of Christmas is December 25 or 26.

3. Since 1795, Drury Lane Theatre in London has provided a Twelfth Night cake for the company on January 6.

4. A traditional Twelfth Night drink called Lambs’ Wool is made of sugar, nutmeg, ginger and ale.

5. The cross-dressing and general confusion in Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night was typical of Elizabethan Twelfth Night celebrations.

6. Samuel Pepys described it as: “but a silly play and not relating at all to the name or day”.

7. The full title of the play is Twelfth Night: Or What You Will.

8. Traditionally, Christmas decorations are taken down on Twelfth Night. If you forget to do this, you should leave them up all year to avoid misfortune.

9. Twelfth Night is the only Shakespeare play that does not contain the words “child” or “children”.

10. Twelfth Night is Shakespeare’s only play that both begins and ends with music.

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