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World records broke in 2017: Top 10 facts about new milestones met this year

1. In January, Matej Kodes created a soap bubble around a record 275 people and a car in the Czech Republic.

2. In March, Lily Connors, 13, of Swansea was confirmed to have the world’s largest collection of Dr Who memorabilia with 6,641 items.

3. In April, Markus Jürgens of Germany set a new record by running a marathon backwards in 3hr 38min 27sec.

4. In May, an Australian cat named Omar was confirmed as the world’s biggest cat. He is 3ft 11in long and weighs in at an enormous 14kg (2st 3lb).

5. In June, Joey Chestnut set a new record by eating 55 glazed doughnuts in eight minutes.

6. In July, Miki Sudo set a record by eating 16.5 pints of vanilla ice-cream in six minutes.

7. In August in China, a record was set by having 1,069 robots dancing at the same time.

8. In September in South Africa, the world’s tallest tower of cupcakes was built. It was 10.7 metres high and contained 6,370 cupcakes.

9. In October at a university in Ohio, a record was set by 972 people dressing as penguins.

10. In December, the world’s biggest avocado weighing 2.3kg was found in Hawaii.

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