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Snow White: Top 10 facts about the Disney film

1. The story of Snow White, more or less as we know it, was first published in German by The Brothers Grimm in 1812.

2. The original German version is rather more violent and bloodthirsty than the Disney story we are all used to.

3. The wicked queen tries to kill Snow White several times, starting with a silk bodice which she laces so tightly, Snow White cannot breathe.

4. At the end of the Grimms’ tale, the queen is forced to dance herself to death in red-hot slippers. 

5. There was no animation Oscar in 1937 but Disney was given a special award for Snow White, comprising one large and seven small statuettes.

6. The Grimms did not give the dwarfs names. Disney’s were chosen from a short list of 50 names.

7. These included Awful, Dirty, Biggo-Ego, Gloomy, Nifty and Shifty. 

8. The British Board of Film Censors thought Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs scary enough to allow under-16s only accompanied by an adult.

9. Six of the dwarfs have eyebrows based on Disney’s. Only Happy has white bushy eyebrows.

10. The Grimms also give another tale of a totally different “Snow-White” and her sister “Rose-Red”.

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