Ashes 2017-18: Australia v England third Test, day two – live!

This is usually the bit where I reveal what a brilliant/dreadful day it is outside. But I’ll level with you: I’m yet to open the curtains of my Perth hotel room. Because last night our circuit ended at The Avenue. Nobody poured a pint over me. I didn’t headbutt anyone (other than for photos). But there we have it. My line and length will come, it might just take an over or two.

I went along with OBO regular Will Macpherson, who is writing about the experience, in great depth, for Another Place. So I won’t cut his grass too badly with the nitty gritty. But needless to say, I HAVE NO EARTHLY IDEA WHY THE ENGLAND TEAM KEEP GOING BACK. No (current) players were there last night though, I can confirm, even if Davey Dawid Malan and Mark Stoneman earned a night on the tiles.

Wasn’t yesterday great? I was in my element grinning like an idiot telling strangers why the hour after lunch was some of the best Test cricket I’ve ever seen. More of the same today. We should be so lucky. Can’t wait to join with Tim de Lisle to bring it all to you on the mighty OBO.

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But don’t you slip…

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