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Cricket: Top 10 facts about a great British sport

1. The word cricket has been used for a type of insect since at least 1325. 

It was first used to refer to a game in 1575… 

2. …but the earliest definite reference to it being played in England was in a court case in 1598… 

3. …and the earliest known version of formal laws for the game was in 1744.   

4. In 1611, two Sussex men were fined for playing cricket and not going to church on Easter Sunday. 

5. The first international cricket match was held in New York between the USA and Canada in 1844. 

6. A tour to Australia in 1861 by an unofficial English team was seen as a “test of strength and competency”, which led to the term “Test match”. 

7. The first bowler to take four wickets in four balls in a first-class cricket match was Joseph Wells, father of the author HG Wells, in 1862.  

8. The West Indian Chris Gayle is the only person to hit a six off the first ball of a Test match. 

9. Former England captain Alec Stewart was born on 8.4.63 and scored 8463 runs in test matches. 

10. Tendulkar is the only cricketer to score 100 centuries in internationals: 51 in Tests, 49 in ODIs. 

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