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Las Vegas shooting: How did Stephen Paddock get EIGHT GUNS into Mandalay Bay hotel room?

Las Vegas undersheriff Kevin McMahill told CNN that at least eight guns were found in the hotel room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel where Stephen Paddock launched his deadly attack, killing more than 50 people and injuring over 400 others.

He added: “This is a day I wish I never had to see in my 27 years of law enforcement,” adding that he had never witnessed anything like it in his career.

Long bursts of gunfire came as 64-year-old Stephen Paddock fired indiscriminately towards the 40,000-strong crowd, sending thousands fleeing into the streets in fear as the chaos unfolded.

Despite initial reports suggesting Paddock had been shot by police, Mr McMahill claims he may have turned the gun on himself as police closed in on his location.

He said: “He was shot. I cannot tell you that it was the police that shot him. He may have self-inflicted that gun shot wound. Those details are still emerging.”

He added: “A number of long rifles were in that room. I would say there were at least eight guns up there.

“We continue to receive reports from all of our area hospitals where individuals self-transported themselves. So that number of injured individuals I anticipate to continue to climb over the next couple of hours.”

Swat teams descended on the hotel room where the shooter was positioned, and are believed to have been alerted to his location after the smoke alarm went off as a result of the gunfire.

The latest press release from police reads: “LVMPD SWAT responded to the call, breached the hotel room and found the suspect dead.

“The Clark County Fire Department estimated that approximately 406 people were transported to area hospitals and 50 are dead following Sunday evening’s shooting.”

People have taken to social media to express their outrage at the fact that Mr Paddock was able to get the weapons into the hotel room.

One Twitter user wrote: “The Las Vegas mass shooter was picking his victims at random from a hotel room. America needs to urgently reform its gun laws.”

Another added: “Las Vegas My god 50+ now! Just how easy was it to take a gun into a hotel & Fire at defenceless people!!”

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2 Thoughts to “Las Vegas shooting: How did Stephen Paddock get EIGHT GUNS into Mandalay Bay hotel room?”

  1. shawn

    The question shouldnt be how did he get 8 guns into the hotel ,or at all. The question is how did he get 8 HIGHLY ILLEGAL MACHINE GUNS ?? these are almost impossible to get anywhere in USA and no citizen is allowed to have or use them without a special permit that is extremely hard to get.

  2. shawn

    I would like to purpose a challenge , anyone try to get a machine gun legally , you will see its almost impossible. let alone 8 i sense something fishy going on here.
    its not hard to put things in a suitcase or duffle bag and carry them into a hotel that doesnt have a metal detector. that is not the problem. what should be easy to track down is where did he get them ??? they are totally controlled by law.
    of course gun haters will spin this as these were guns like other guns ,NOT TRUE

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